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Our Community

We love our community and on here you will be able to see all the projects we have done, are doing and you will be able to see our event schedule too!


Queens Road, Brighton

These beds along Queens Road were lacking a little TLC but after spending a few days weeding and rejuvenating the soil we managed to make the beds fresh and weed-free! We added some colour by adding Tulips, Daffodils. We will continue to maintain these beds one or two times a month. Please help to keep them clean and litter-free! You can report any damage using our email.


Cavendish Street, Brighton

These large tubs placed just off of St. James Street were unmaintained and were looking rather defeated. Within a few days we managed to bring colour. We added fresh soil, got rid of all the weeds and dead trees. We added all sorts of herbs including rare varieties such as Strawberry Mint, Apple Mint, Chocolate mint and more! We also added bulbs to bring colour throughout spring. We will continue to maintain these tubs on a monthly basis. Please report any damage via our email. We thank you for the continued support in keeping these planters free from rubbish. 


'Recycle Me' Scheme:

Back in 2021, we wanted to do our part in giving back to the environment. We wanted to go even further. We realised how much single-use plastic is, not just in our city but the world. So we started a recycle campaign to recycle and reuse old tetra packs and create plant pots using them.


We trialed this campaign in Patcham & Hollingbury in Brighton and to date we have repurposed over 10,000 old yoghurt pots, tetra packs etc. We received so much we had to put our campaign own hold due to the incredible turnout! It was great to have such a positive campaign backed by the community. Don't worry well be collecting more tetra packs soon so keep an eye out for collection dates.

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